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The Science of Choosing your Lender
Written BY Bob Alexander

As many of you know, I have access to about forty different lenders at any one time. I am sure that you might wonder how the lender that is best for you is chosen.

I have heard many myths on how this happens but the main one appears to be that we send out your application to all forty lenders and they all bid on it and the one with the lowest rate wins. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Within the forty lenders, we have A, B, C and D level lenders. These levels are all based on a client’s credit score. If the score is excellent, the client ends up with an A level lender, poorer credit starts to move down the levels. The Big Five banks are A level lenders as well as many other financial institutions such as First National.

I match the appropriate credit with the correct level. Of the forty lenders, typically twenty are A level lenders. So how do I choose within these twenty lenders given a client with excellent credit? I look at other things such as rate, service, turnaround times, payout penalties, pre-payment options and other items that may not be obvious to a client. This is why rate should NOT be the only thing that a client considers. Written BY Bob Alexander


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